Student Ambassadors

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell.  The Student Ambassadors are current graduate students in the MFA program who have volunteered to connect with prospective and newly admitted students and answer any questions you may have about the student experience. You are also welcome to contact our Graduate Staff Assistant, a current Cultural Studies student and staff member in the IAS Graduate Office. Read more about our Student Ambassadors below and feel free to reach out directly to them by emailing

Meet the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics Student Ambassadors

John Boucher, 2012 Cohort

I am a cross-genre and trans-media artist engaged in the creation of sense and non-sense through the use of text, music and cinema. As a writer, I work primarily with poetry, micro-fiction and screenwriting. My research interests include investigating the dialogic spaces between artistic collaborators, media types, and words themselves. I am interested in beginnings, transitions, and conclusions; in sites of artistic conflict and possibility; in glitches and errors that complicate the creative process and communication in general. My experience in this MFA program has been a positive one largely because it is open to all paths of inquiry. It is designed to take my initiative and go with it, enhancing and challenging my initial thoughts with questions, insights, and new directions, all within a community of artists and thinkers.

My favorite thing about the MFA program is the faculty that Jeanne Heuving [Academic Director] has assembled. To a person they are thought-provoking, challenging, engaging and supportive. Contact me at

Aimee Harrison, 2012 Cohort

After several years of being frustrated with the rigidity of physics and mathematical proofs during my undergraduate studies, I discovered experimental poetry and gave up labs for words, following them across the country to study at Bothell. My research interests are in poetic multimedia, particularly the intersections of film and poetry, and the use of the fantastical and myths in contemporary female writings. My creative work is in narrative poetry, fragmented fictions, and short films. I am recently most interested in intentional misunderstandings of scientific principles and the role of academic mythologies in identity construction.

My favorite part of this program has been gaining exposure to a wide range of contemporary and modern works, as well as learning the language of theory to adequately discuss them. With the steady pace that learning takes, it’s easy to work through a program and not realize you are accomplishing anything. This fall, after reading Marshall McLuhan for a second time, I found myself breezing through passages and enjoying what was painstaking to read only a year ago. Such adjustments of my ways of thinking about theory and my expanded language for critical analyses have been an invaluable skill taken from this program. Contact me at

Kat Seidemann, 2012 Cohort

My first loves are creative non-fiction and poetry. The MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics has inspired me to experiment with other genres and to play with different media to present my work. My poetics work explores the use of photographs in creative works and how documentation supplements or supplants memory. I’m interested in how creative writers use images to mislead and/or to enhance their work. As a communications tutor I enjoy helping others learn the love of writing, or at least to become more confident in their own abilities. Word play figures large in my creative work and my job.

My undergraduate degree is in Media and Communications and Society, Ethics and Human Behavior from UW Bothell. My other interests include neuroscience, photography, animal welfare advocacy, music, thoroughbred horse racing, social sciences, and editing. Contact me at

Graduate Staff Assistant

Sofia Piel, 2012 Cultural Studies Cohort

As Graduate Staff Assistant, I assist the IAS Graduate Office with program promotion, student recruitment, and administrative support. I work with current and prospective students in all three of our graduate programs, with questions concerning applications, registration, relocation logistics, and any of the other details of life in graduate school.  I feel very fortunate to have this position, and I've never worked with a nicer group of people! I'm also a second-year student in the Cultural Studies program, and my Capstone research focuses on the integration of arts-based practices in global leadership programs for Seattle youth. I moved to Seattle from New Hampshire to be a part of the interdisciplinary community here at UW Bothell, and I’m so glad I did. My perspective on social inequality issues has grown in many directions, and my goal to work as a positive agent of social change is becoming clearer and more exciting with every class.

As a staff member and a student, I can answer questions about the student experience at UW Bothell as well as the logistical aspects of applying to graduate school. Feel free to contact me directly at