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We wish to congratulate our first cohort of Graduating MFA Students!

(Creative Writing & Poetics alumni are listed here along with their theses titles.)

Ellen Bauer, '14
Ordinary Saints and Monsters

Marcus Bingham, '14

John Boucher, '14
The Chirurgeon

Susan Marie Brown, '14
Love & Courage: Historic Fiction

Chelsea Carter, '14
Read Without Listening 

Margaret Chiavetta, '14
Untitled Collection of Essays

Sandy D’Entremont, '14
The Beauty of Molokai'i

Kelle Grace Gaddis, '14
Polishing A Gem On The Surface Of The Sea

Aimee Harrison, '14
Autoorthography: identity poetics with poetry

Andrew Huskamp, '14
Tales from Here and There

Lauren Light, '14

Jay Loomis, '14
Blade Against the Heart

Rev.Tiare L. Mathison, '14
A~Mash~Up:  A Poetics of Defiance in the Age of the Internet of Everything

Michael Paschall, '14
phrases of the moon

Billy Phillips, '14
Fractured Poetics

Talena Lachelle Queen, '14

J.D. Satlin, '14
A Poetics of Miscommunication

Diana Savora, '14
Quivering Tongues

Kat Seidemann, '14