Studio Elements

Studio Elements: 25 credits

Third year students in the IMD degree are required to take three IMD‐specific content courses. These unique studio courses will provide students with be grounded in learning a series of “content modules” as well as apply them to a specific sequence of design/development processes. Students will also use contemporary software tools and techniques during this process.

Content modules will be integrated into the studio sequence and will vary in length depending on topic area. These will be taught by subject matter experts from a variety of disciplines within and outside of IMD‐specific faculty. Each studio elements course comprises two critical components for assessment – the first is based upon mastery/knowledge of academic content in specific knowledge domains (IMD 35X); the second is based process/product elements (IMD 36X). Students will be required to maintain a portfolio of all work that will be evaluated as part of the IMD 36X assessments.

Studio Element Courses

IMD 351 Studio Elements I (5 credits): Introduction -- Provides a survey of media design principles and technologies including characteristics of the studio process, fundamental design methodologies, creativity,  understanding audience,  and explores human-centered design concepts.  Projects will be linked to a series of introductory concept modules.
IMD 352/362 Studio Elements II (10 credits): Essentials – Examines core media design theories and techniques.  Emphasis on team concepts, process management, design methodologies, media production formats, project/resource management, and personality/social psychological elements.  Projects are designed to emphasize essential concept modules that emphasize team processes.
IMD 353/363 Studio Elements III (10 credits): Advanced – Expanded emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to media design as applied to specific content areas such as music, film, interactive art, theater, science, games, education and other areas. Prepares student for the Integrative Studio project proposal that focuses on the student-defined Specialty Area. Projects are designed to emphasize advanced, interdisciplinary concept modules.