Program Core Courses

Program Core Courses: 20 credits

The IMD Program Core – 300‐level (3 courses) and 400 -level (1 course) – provide fundamental concepts critical to understanding and preparing for the intensive 3rd and 4th year studio experiences.

IMD 330 Quantitative Methods in Interactive: Emphasizes mathematical concepts and principles related to the design, production and analysis of media applications. Areas include probability theory, statistics, data visualization, project metrics, and research strategies management metrics, and 2-D/3-D math essentials. 
IMD 340 Systems of Digital Media Architecture: This course provides a systems approach to designing and building the underlying technologies used to support digital media.  It provides the core theory and practical knowledge required to work with the engineering design and development team.  Students will explore a variety of system architectures and their key components as they are used to support a variety of digital media solutions based on contemporary requirements analysis and systems specification techniques.  Emphasis will be on network design (including QoS considerations); database modeling and architecture design – including “cloud computing” implementations; system staging and deployment practices including automated quality assurance and delivery mechanisms. Methods for identifying and collecting systems metrics – and analysis data analysis strategies will also be reviewed.

 IMD 350  Designing Media Interfaces: Usability is a critical – and often overlooked element – of a successful application.  This course will cover fundamental cognitive, social, cultural, and human factor engineering theories and concepts and their application to interactive media design. A variety of requirements analysis strategies ranging from formal approaches to rapid application techniques will be covered. Particular emphasis will also be placed on user decision-making models and adaptive techniques for creating inviting and engaging applications as they are used from within a variety of different device types (e.g.; mobile, desktop, console, and other emerging technologies). Methods related to application mechanics, interest curves, balance, and methods for measuring usability and achievement of the application goals will be examined. Students will conduct an independent research project and participate in weekly design studies/reviews.  
IMD 460 Advanced Media Production Techniques: Studies production methods and techniques required to design, build, deliver and evaluate a variety of forms of interactive media projects. Explores contemporary media technologies, direction processes and approaches required to synthesize media components into final production.

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