Integrative Studio

Integrative Studio: 30 credits

The Integrative Studio sequence provides students the opportunity to complete a substantial project that is linked to the student’s defined knowledge specialty. These courses require students to successfully complete a series of Advanced Content Modules (IMD 48X) and the Advanced Studio production components (IMD 49X). The Advanced Studio production components will be evaluated based on product development, integration of specialty area knowledge into the student’s final portfolio, documentation & evaluation of product impact and criteria related to the synthesis of content modules into the integrated final project. Students will be required to maintain a portfolio of all work that will be evaluated as part of the IMD 49X assessments.

Integrative Studio Courses

IMD 481/491 Integrative Studio I (10 credits): Design Processes – Emphasis on the detailed design analysis and specification, prototyping, advanced project management related to the student defined specialty area.  Content modules will focus on advanced design processes and procedures.
IMD 482/492 Integrative Studio II (10 credits): Production – Using project-relevant production techniques and methodologies, students will examine domain-specific theories and concepts – and apply them to their final project.  Students will evaluate their build processes based on contemporary approaches to media production.  Advanced concept modules linked to production methods and processes will be covered.
IMD 483/493 Integrative Studio III (10 credits): Implementation & Evaluation – The final studio course requires completion, demonstration and evaluation of the final project using methods and approaches relevant to their Specialty area as linked to the advanced Concept Modules.  Final portfolio evaluations will occur as well as public presentation of the final project.

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