Tuition Exempt Policy

UW Bothell Education Program Tuition Exemption Policy

Graduate students admitted to the Education Program in Autumn Quarter 2012 and beyond will not be allowed to use tuition exemption to enroll in the following courses:

B EDUC 501: Inquiry in Education
B EDUC 502: Teachers’ Self-Understanding
B EDUC 504: Theories of Organizational Change and School Reform

Students will be allowed to use their tuition exemption status when enrolling in graduate level Education courses other than those listed above, according to the University of Washington Tuition Exemption Program rules based on RCW 28B.15.558 (see below). Any courses listed as “practicum” or “independent study” are not included in the Tuition Exemption program by definition.

University of Washington Policy Tuition exemption authority

Authority is granted for The University of Washington Tuition Exemption Program under RCW 28B.15.558. This policy provides UW employees, other state employees and members of the Washington State National Guard the opportunity to have tuition waived for up to 6 credits per quarter on a “space available” basis. The policy further recognizes that certain courses may not be available under the Tuition Exemption Program such as UW Extension or distance learning courses, independent study, internships or any self-sustaining courses. In addition, the policy states that “…academic or fiscal considerations may exclude certain state-funded courses or programs from the Tuition Exemption program.”


The Education Program at University of Washington Bothell has limited tuition exemption enrollment in select graduate level courses in order to maintain academic excellence and fiscal viability. The Master of Education degree at the University of Washington Bothell is designed as a professional development opportunity for those in the field of Education. Many of the individuals who benefit from this academic experience work within a public education institution and the department strongly believes that serving this population is an integral part of the program mandate. The graduate recruiting and admissions processes in the M.Ed. program do not take eligibility for the Tuition Exemption program into consideration when admitting students into the program. However, the inclusion of these tuition‐exempt students has a significant resulting impact on Full‐Time Equivalent (FTE) calculations and fiscal stability of the department as well as the teaching load of the faculty.

This is especially evident in the three core courses required for the Master of Education degree (B EDUC 501; B EDUC 502; and B EDUC 504). Each of these required courses is offered once a year and taught by a permanent Education Program faculty member. The core courses rely on specific pedagogy for their success: group discussions that are best facilitated in smaller, seminar-sized groups; faculty supervision of students’ online activities which makes up two thirds of the course activities; and intensive evaluation of each student’s written work which comprises at least 50% of the course grade. For this reason, the Department Faculty have voted to remove these courses from those eligible for the tuition exemption program.

Registration Procedures

In order to register using tuition exemption, students should carefully follow the steps identified in UWB registration guidelines. Questions regarding the procedure are to be directed to the UW Bothell Registrar.


This policy complies with the guidelines as found in:
RCW 28B.15.558
UWB registration procedures
WAC 478-160-163(6)
UW Administrative Policy Statement 22.1, Section 3

Revision Date : April 2012