Self-directed STEM Teaching M.Ed.

The UW Bothell School of Educational Studies offers a wide variety of graduate courses specifically geared toward the teaching of math and science in the K-12 classroom. This self-directed course of study does not lead to teacher certification but is designed to enhance the work of practicing teachers and educators in STEM fields.  Choose classes that will enhance your teaching and help you to become a STEM Teacher Leader in your school. Work with thoughtful faculty researching the most current topics of teaching in STEM fields and use what you learn to improve your students’ experience and build your own foundation of knowledge in STEM education.

STEM Teaching Courses:

  • Discourse in the Math and Science Classroom
  • Education and Technology
  • Fostering Algebraic Reasoning
  • Fostering Geometric Reasoning
  • History of Math
  • Teaching Biology
  • Equity in Math and Science Education
  • Environmental Education

Other Electives Supporting STEM Educators:

  • Assessment
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Observing and Describing Children and their Work
  • Education and the American Dream
  • Faculty guided Independent Studies

UW Bothell Master of Education Degree Curriculum:

  • Three core courses (total 15 credits)
  • Choose electives to improve your teaching (21 to 25 credits [equals 7 to 8 courses])
  • Culminating Project

UW Bothell Master of Education program is comprised of a total of 46 graduate level credits. Within the program, select the courses that fit your needs as a professional educator. You can decide how often to take classes and what type of culminating project will best reflect your learning experience.

Progress through the program at your own pace: part-time or full-time. Most courses start after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. You can also take classes in the summer during the day.

For more information and to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment,
email Erica Lind or call 425-352-3680.