B EDUC 501 Inquiry in Education (5)
Introduces tools for looking closely at classrooms and professional practice. Explores a professional question through gathering information, collegial discussion with their peers, and readings that offer multiple perspectives.

B EDUC 502 Teachers' Self-Understanding (5)
Students in BEDUC 502 examine the goals, concepts, theories, and dimensions of multicultural education and reflect on the ways in which race class, and gender intersect and influence educational research and practice. Biography and personal narratives are used to gain an expanded understanding of "self." Students also examine and reflect on the ways in which they frame questions and their understanding of possible solutions and appropriate actions that should be taken to resolve their classroom and/or school concerns. The format for the course includes a mix of lectures, small group discussions, role-playing, films, and student presentations.

B EDUC 504 Theories of Organizational Change and School Reform (5)
Explores theories of organizational change and school reform. Practical strategies on how to be comfortable with and facilitate change in educational situations.