Program Curriculum M.Ed.

Core Courses

The program generally begins with three core courses. These courses focus on:

  • Examination of research methodologies and the generation of research questions.
  • The use of multicultural education as a theoretical foundation for examining the ways in which students' biographical journeys, values, and beliefs influence the questions they raise and the framing of those questions.
  • Organizational change and school reform as well as the responsibilities of professional leadership related to educational change.

Individual Program Of Study

In addition to the core courses, you may choose elective courses under the guidance of your faculty advisor. These may be selected from M.Ed. courses, or you may elect to take appropriate courses in other academic programs such as the UW Bothell Master of Arts in Policy Studies. Up to twelve credits of graduate-level coursework may be taken at the University of Washington Seattle.

Completion Dossier

Completion Dossier The M.Ed. Completion Dossier provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge, skills and dispositions associated with the program's overall goals for academic learning and improvement of professional practice in education. The Completion Dossier ensures breadth of academic work and application of knowledge in each candidate's work toward the M.Ed. degree, guided by the Education Program's goals for the degree

Content of Completion Dossier

1. An introduction to the Completion Dossier, in which the student describes how four academic products and one application product to be presented in the dossier, taken as a whole, meet the Education Program's learning goals as these are elaborated in the rubric for Completion Dossiers.

2. Four substantive academic products, normally developed in conjunction with four different graduate courses.

3. One application of knowledge product that demonstrates a student's understanding and application of the inquiry process. Students may develop this product as an assignment within a course or through an alternative pathway with guidance from a faculty advisor. (This is a revision to application of knowledge criteria and applies to all M.Ed. students beginning Autumn Quarter 2014 and later.)

4. A written reflection.

In addition to the above requirements, you must meet the following requirements to receive your degree:

  • At least 18 numerically graded credits must be taken at the 500 level or above.
  • The Graduate School accepts numerical grades (1) in approved 400-level courses accepted as part of the major, and (2) in all 500 level course work. A minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.00 is required.
  • All work for the Master of Education degree must be completed within six years.
  • No courses below the 300 level will be accepted. For additional Graduate School requirements that may apply to you, see the University of Washington General Catalog.

Admissions Advising

If you have questions or need pre-admission advising contact:

Jody Ellinger
M.Ed. Recruiter/Adviser



"They give you confidence, they work with you, and really just the camraderie that was on that campus was phenomenal."
-Katie Peffer, Northshore School District, UW Bothell M.Ed., NBCT