BEDUC 596--6 credits
A professional paper is done as an independent study under the advisement of a faculty member following submission and approval of a description of the proposed paper. The paper extends over two quarters so that a student enrolls for 3 credits twice. The professional paper does not involve classroom implementation, but does involve a review of the literature and careful analysis of a complex issue that has multiple perspectives, such as the politics of the "No Child Left Behind Act," the use of technology in the classrooms, the challenges of "character education," or the impact of increasing student diversity on the formation of classroom communities. A public presentation of the completed work is required. This could take the form of a conference presentation or a paper submitted for publication. The Professional Paper (BEDUC 596) is offered every quarter. Students planning to do a professional paper as a capstone project should find a faculty member who will serve as advisor on the project and submit to that faculty member a description of the proposed project.

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