National Board Seminars

National Board Seminars (2017-2018)

The UWB School of Educational Studies is pleased to offer two seminars in National Board Portfolio development and support, beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year. These seminars will focus on National Board portfolio components 2 (Differentiation in Instruction) and 3 (Teaching Practice and Learning Environment). They are designed to support students through discussion of relevant readings, protocols and feedback on writing, and studio work times.  Seminars will be 3 credits each, graded credit/no credit, and will count as electives (6 credits total) toward the M.Ed.  Click here to review the Degree Requirements for all M.Ed. Students.

National Board Seminar Calendar

August 2017 (July 31-August 3 tentative dates)

Autumn Quarter 2017

  • Component 2:  Differentiation in Instruction Seminar (3 credits)

Winter Quarter 2018

  • Component 3:  Teaching Practice and Learning Environment Seminar (3 credits)

April 2018


For more information on National Board Certification visit the NBPTS website.

Further Information

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Jody Ellinger
M.Ed. Recruiter/Advisor

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Jody Ellinger
M.Ed. Advisor