University of Washington Bothell courses are offered on a quarterly basis. The UW Bothell Time Schedule lists the courses available for the the current and upcoming quarters.

Refer to the Academic Calendars for Registration Dates and Deadlines. New students may register during Period II. Continuing, currently enrolled students may register during Period I.

In order to enroll, as a new student:

  • Accept your offer and pay your Enrollment Confirmation 
  • Create a UW NetID 
  • Provide proof of measles immunization.
  • Know the course number, schedule line number, and entry code (if required) for the course(s) in which you want to enroll.

For detailed information about how to register, see the UW Bothell Registration web pages.

SLN (Schedule Line Number)

Each section of a course is assigned a unique Schedule Line Number (SLN) each quarter it is offered. You can find up to the minute information about a specific course section, by clicking on the SLN in the Time Schedule.

Entry Codes

Registration in some UW Bothell Education Program courses may be restricted by entry codes. To enroll in a course with an entry code you must have permission of your Faculty Advisor or the Graduate Program Advisor.  Entry codes are available from the SES main desk, email: or 425-352-5234).

Entry codes may be used by the Education Program in order to prioritize enrollment in a particular course. For that reason, some course entry codes may not be available until after a specific date or registration period.

Text Books

Required and recommended text books for UW Bothell courses are available online via the Time Schedule. To see the required and recommend text books, click on the SLN for the section of the course. This will take you to the “Current Section Status” screen. On this screen, there is a link “Display Textbooks.” When you open this link you will see all the text books required or recommended for a course. Textbooks for UW Bothell courses are available at the University Bookstore located on the UW Bothell/Cascadia CC campus.

Independent Study

Within the Individual Program of Study, qualified students may design an Independent Study. This Independent Study provides students the opportunity to create and conduct largely self-designed research projects in collaboration with the Education Program faculty.

Independent Study (B EDUC 592) does not exist as an alternative to the curriculum; rather, it serves as a supplement to enable students the opportunity for a creative self-directed project. Only students who have demonstrated adequate preparation by their grades and previous coursework in the area of their proposed project may consider Independent Study.

Prior to registration, interested students must also speak with a faculty member and obtain his or her willingness to sponsor the proposed Independent Study.

Students who wish to include Independent Study as part of their Individual Program of Study should submit a proposal to a faculty member for approval. This Independent Study proposal should include the (1) title, (2) purpose of the proposed project, (3) detailed outline of planned tasks, (4) theory and methods to be used, and a (5) bibliography of appropriate sources.

Students who receive permission to conduct an Independent Study project should anticipate spending at least three hours per credit, per week (minimum of nine hours per week for a 3-credit Independent Study) on the project.

Students may take from 1-6 credits of Independent Study at any one time with a maximum of 12 credits.

Courses Outside of Education

Students may elect to take appropriate courses in other academic programs, especially where such coursework will contribute to their degree goals.

Students may take up to 12 credits of coursework at another University of Washington campus. Among the rich possibilities at the University of Washington Seattle are courses in the Arts or Sciences or various special programs for teachers.

Cross-Campus Enrollment

Students enrolled in the UWB Master of Education Program may take a maximum of 12 credits toward their graduate degree at another UW campus, subject to two conditions:

  • Approval from their faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Available space in the course requested

For each requested course at another UW campus, students must submit a petition to their advisor and, if approved, to the Graduate Program Coordinator prior to registration, listing the academic reasons justifying enrollment in the requested course.

Students also have the option of taking graduate courses at institutions other than the University of Washington. Students must submit a petition to their advisor and Graduate Program Coordinator prior to registration, listing the academic reasons justifying enrollment in the requested course. A copy of the course description and syllabus must be included with the petition to determine that it meets the standards of a graduate level course.

This petition form is the same for those students who want to take courses at another UW campus or another institution.

Transfer Credits

A student working toward the master’s degree may submit an online petition via MyGrad to the Dean of the Graduate School for permission to transfer the equivalent of a maximum 6 credits of graduate level coursework taken at another recognized academic institution. These credits may not have been used to satisfy requirements for another degree. The petition must include an official transcript indicating completion of the coursework.

Approved transfer credits are applied toward the total credit count only for the master’s degree and will not appear on a UW transcript. The minimum residency requirement of three quarters at the UW Bothell and 18 quarter credits of numerically graded coursework at the 500 and above level, may not be reduced by transfer credit.

Credit taken as an undergraduate non-matriculated student or post-baccalureat student at the University of Washington may not be transferred into a graduate program. Credits by either independent study through correspondence, distance learning, or advanced credit examinations is not transferable.

Maintaining Graduate Student Status

To maintain graduate status, a student must be enrolled on a full-time, part-time, or on official leave from the time of first enrollment in the Graduate School until completion of all requirements for the graduate degree. (Summer quarter an official leave request is not required for all graduate students who were either registered or officially on leave during the prior Spring Quarter.) Any student who fails to register for classes or  request leave status after being admitted to the UW will need to reapply to the Graduate School if he/she wishes to be considered for readmission by his/her program. Failure to maintain either continuous enrollment or official leave status constitutes evidence that the student has resigned from the Graduate School.

To be eligible for official leaves, the student must have registered for, and completed at least one quarter as a graduate student at the University of Washington immediately prior to going on-leave; international students must complete three consecutive quarters.

Students should discuss their decision to petition for on-leave status with their Faculty Advisor. Petition for On-leave Status forms are available in the Education Program office.


New Policy:

UW graduate students must now request leave on a quarterly basis (excluding Summer quarter). A request for quarterly leave includes a $25 fee.  This means, students must request leave each quarter they are not enrolled in classes, excluding summer quarter, or they will lose graduate status.

New Procedure:

Graduate Students in good standing may request leave within the quarter they are seeking leave status via an online process available through MyGrad. The online leave request will be available 2 weeks prior to the quarter and will close the last day of the quarter.

Students will submit leave requests via MyGrad and can pay the $25 fee using a credit card with no surcharge.  Requests can be tracked online in MyGrad.

Please note:  Students who do not remain in graduate status will be required to pay a $250 reinstatement fee mandated by the Board of Regents if they elect to return to their degree program.  

New Leave Policy

UW graduate students must now request leave on a quarterly basis. For details, see Maintaining Graduate Student Status.