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UW Bothell will have a late start today. Offices and campus buildings will open at 10 a.m. Classes that start earlier than 10 a.m. are suspended due to snow conditions at UW Bothell and Cascadia College. Faculty, staff and students should use their best judgement based on conditions in their area.


Professional Certification Pathway

The Professional Certificate (ProCert) is designed to help teachers demonstrate they have a positive impact on student learning. It is an individualized, classroom-based process that focuses on increased skills to impact student learning rather than credits. ProCert expectations apply state-wide, focus on student learning, and emphasize closing the achievement gap and reaching student learning goals. It is fully aligned with Washington’s expectations for K-12 student learning. Through ProCert, teachers demonstrate their competency in the 3 standards of Professional Certification: Effective Teaching, Professional Development, and Professional Contributions. - OSPI

The UW Bothell Professional Certification Pathway allows M.Ed. students to apply 12 credits of required seminars and elective courses to the overall requirements for the Master of Education degree. Work in the seminars supports each teacher's particular goals.

Professional Certification Coursework

B EDUC 542 - Pre-Assessment Seminar (2 cr)
This collaborative course begins the process of attaining Teacher Professional Certification.

EDUC 546 - Professional Growth Seminars (1 cr)
The Professional Growth Seminars are designed to support Teacher Professional Certification candidates in the completion of portfolio entries. In seminars and conferences, candidates will share their work in progress and collaborate with other candidates to consider various ways of collecting evidence to document their portfolio entries and share resources for professional development connected to the Pro Cert Standards and Criteria. These seminars have four themes:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Building Learning Communities
  • Professional Growth, Contribution, and Program Culmination

An optional seminar is available to provide additional individual mentoring for candidates' writing of portfolio entries.