Students may choose to reflect their application of knowledge through a major course product from the preapproved list below or through the implementation of a personal application of knowledge product.

Approved course projects that meet application of knowledge product criteria:

  • B EDUC 502 "Teachers' Self-Understanding" - Autoethnography or Looking Back Paper
  • B EDUC 508 "Early Literacy Development and Instruction"- Case Study: Assessment and Instruction of Young Children
  • B EDUC 510 "Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners" - ELL Literacy Profile, Lesson, and Reflection
  • B EDUC 517 "Working with Struggling Readers Grades 3-8" - Case Study: Assessment and Instruction of a Struggling Reader
  • B EDUC 532 "Discourse in the Math and Science Classroom" - Research Project
  • B EDUC 537 "Assessment" - Research Inquiry, Modified Course Assignments, Papers
  • B EDUC 542 "Teaching ESOL" - Inquiry Project
  • B EDUC 544 "Leadership, Advocacy, and Program Evaluation in ESOL" - Leadership Planning Portfolio
  • B EDUC 557 "Curriculum Studies" - Curriculum Worker Portrait (Findings & Analysis)
  • B EDUC 597 "Practitioner Focused Research" + B EDUC 598 "Project Implementation"

This list will be updated with additional course products as they are reviewed and approved. If you have questions about whether a product is approved as an application of knowledge, ask your course instructor or faculty advisor.

Implementation of personal application of knowledge (individual product):

Working with a faculty advisor, students who are interested in and committed to implementing their own application of knowledge project may further develop their research inquiry proposal from B EDUC 501 "Inquiry in Education" or create a new project that more accurately reflects their evolving interests.

Students choosing to implement their B EDUC 501 research inquiry proposal must work with a faculty advisor and register for B EDUC 598 "Project Implementation" for 2-5 credits. B EDUC 598 is a hyphenated course and may be repeated for a maximum of 5 credits at faculty discretion.

Students who want to create a new project to fulfill their application of knowledge product must work with their academic advisor to complete both of the following courses:

  • B EDUC 597 Practitioner Focused Research (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 598 Project Implementation ((2-5)-, max. 5) 

Both of these courses are only offered as independent studies and can only be taken with permission of a supervising faculty member.

All students are required to complete B EDUC 599 to complete the dossier.  This project completion course will be offered for 1 or 2 credits with the option to repeat.

Options for students admitted prior to Autumn 2014

Students who entered the M.Ed. program prior to Autumn Quarter 2014 may choose to use a project from the above list of courses,* implement their own application of knowledge product, or choose from one of the following products:

A. Practitioner-Focused Research Paper

B. National Board Portfolio Draft (option not currently available)

Students participating in the Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed. program can fulfill their application of knowledge requirement through the completion of the Secondary and Middle Level Reflective Practice Portfolio.

*Course projects completed prior to Autumn Quarter 2014 must be reviewed and approved by a faculty advisor for academic rigor and depth.


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