At specific times during the course of their graduate program, students must meet with their advisors. These required advisor consultations benefit students in several ways. Students’ skills, needs, and goals become better known and thus better addressed. Student performance and progress is reviewed so that upcoming courses of study are closely coordinated to ensure quality of time and program. Advisors can direct students to relevant resources and mentors and assist them in finding the appropriate faculty member and Second Reader for their Completion Dossier.

Students in the Individually Defined Pathway should arrange for an advisor consultation upon admission to the UW Bothell Master of Education program. This first required consultation should occur within the first five weeks of the first quarter. During this initial meeting the student becomes acquainted with his or her advisor, learns about any course or program changes, asks questions, and discusses any concerns as well as personal and professional objectives.

After the student has completed two Core Courses, a second required advisor consultation should be arranged. Depending on the type of Pathway, this second meeting should occur after the student has completed 9 but no more than 18 credits.

All Master of Education participants must schedule an advisor consultation before beginning the Completion Dossier plan. This meeting is critical because a student may need to change advisors to receive the appropriate support for his or her project. In addition, a Second Reader for the Completion Dossier must be identified and selected before the student begins work. Any project requiring a proposal submission must receive approval from the Second Reader as well as the advisor.

Beyond these required advisor consultations, students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors at least two times every academic year. Ultimately, frequent regular communication with the advisor will reduce unnecessary program delays or missteps and enrich and expand the student’s learning experiences.