The Reading Endorsement Pathway at the University of Washington, Bothell, is designed for practicing teachers who hold an elementary or secondary teaching certificate. Teachers who complete the requirements for the Reading Endorsement will be prepared to be reading specialists or literacy coaches. The Reading Endorsement Pathway at UW Bothell is offered only to students who are pursuing a M.Ed. degree.


In addition to the Academic Program Requirements for all Master of Education Pathways, the Reading Endorsement Pathway, is an educator preparation program and some addition requirements apply.

In order to complete the Reading Endorsement Pathway through UW Bothell, you must:

  • Complete an approved Reading Endorsement course of study of eight courses (24 credits) which will help you meet the areas of competency established by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). This course of study will also help you meet the higher levels of competency established by the International Reading Association for reading coaches or specialists.

To add a Reading Endorsement to your existing Washington State Teacher Certification, you must also pass the WEST-E Reading test.


You will work with a faculty advisor to develop an individualized plan for completing the 24 credits required for the Reading Endorsement. The course schedule has been established so that you can complete the requirements over a two-year period while attending school on a part-time basis. You can choose from the following courses offered by UW Bothell to fulfill those requirements:

  • B EDUC 510 Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners* (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 517 Working with Struggling Readers Grades 3-8* (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 518 Observing and Describing Children and Their Work (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 521 Using Multicultural Literature in the Classroom (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 534 Current Issues in Literacy Research (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 537 Assessment (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 555 Building Partnerships: Home, School, and Community (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 5XX Literacy Coaching (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 535 Writing Across the Curriculum (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 5XX Early Literacy Development and Instruction* (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 5XX Teaching Reading to Adolescents* (3 cr)

*Course includes Fieldwork Application.

Each UW Bothell Reading Endorsement course provides specific coursework for one of more of the OSPI's six competency requirements.

Fieldwork Application

Students must complete at least one course that includes an opportunity to video tape themselves teaching a lesson. The video should include...??  The lesson will be ...??

Completion Dossier

Students must use substantial academic products from at least two of their eight Reading Endorsement courses in their Completion Dossiers. These two products will be considered part of the four required substantial academic product required for the Dossier.

Content Area Test

Those students who wish to add a Washington State Reading Endorsement to their current teacher certification, must successfully pass the WEST-E Reading test. Passing scores must be received by the UW Bothell Education Program prior to their final quarter in the program.

Endorsement Completion

In order to received the Washington State Reading Endorsement, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Currently hold a valid Washington State Teacher Certification
  • Successfully complete eight courses from the Reading Endorsement program that cover all six OSPI areas of competency
  • Pass the WEST-E Reading test
  • Pay a $15.00 Certification Fee to the Educational Service District for the addition of the Reading Endorsement

UW Bothell Education Program will submit verification of eligibility to OSPI for all students who have fulfilled the above requirements.

Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell's 18,000 alumni live and work in the state of Washington.