Students may choose to reflect their application of knowledge through a major course product from the preapproved list below or through the implementation of a personal application of knowledge product.

Approved course projects that meet application of knowledge product criteria:

  • B EDUC 502 "Teachers' Self-Understanding" - Autoethnography or Looking Back Paper
  • B EDUC 508 "Early Literacy Development and Instruction"- Case Study: Assessment and Instruction of Young Children
  • B EDUC 510 "Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners" - ELL Literacy Profile, Lesson, and Reflection
  • B EDUC 517 "Working with Struggling Readers Grades 3-8" - Case Study: Assessment and Instruction of a Struggling Reader
  • B EDUC 532 "Discourse in the Math and Science Classroom" - Research Project
  • B EDUC 537 "Assessment" - Research Inquiry, Modified Course Assignments, Papers
  • B EDUC 542 "Teaching ESOL" - Inquiry Project
  • B EDUC 544 "Leadership, Advocacy, and Program Evaluation in ESOL" - Leadership Planning Portfolio
  • B EDUC 557 "Curriculum Studies" - Curriculum Worker Portrait (Findings & Analysis)
  • B EDUC 597 "Practitioner Focused Research" + B EDUC 598 "Project Implementation"

This list will be updated with additional course products as they are reviewed and approved. If you have questions about whether a product is approved as an application of knowledge, ask your course instructor or faculty advisor.

Implementation of personal application of knowledge (individual product):

Working with a faculty advisor, students who are interested in and committed to implementing their own application of knowledge project may further develop their research inquiry proposal from B EDUC 501 "Inquiry in Education" or create a new project that more accurately reflects their evolving interests.

Students choosing to implement their B EDUC 501 research inquiry proposal must work with a faculty advisor and register for B EDUC 598 "Project Implementation" for 2-5 credits. B EDUC 598 is a hyphenated course and may be repeated for a maximum of 5 credits at faculty discretion.

Students who want to create a new project to fulfill their application of knowledge product must work with their academic advisor to complete both of the following courses:

  • B EDUC 597 Practitioner Focused Research (3 cr)
  • B EDUC 598 Project Implementation ((2-5)-, max. 5) 

Both of these courses are only offered as independent studies and can only be taken with permission of a supervising faculty member.

All students are required to complete B EDUC 599 to complete the dossier.  This project completion course will be offered for 1 or 2 credits with the option to repeat.

Options for students admitted prior to Autumn 2014

Students who entered the M.Ed. program prior to Autumn Quarter 2014 may choose to use a project from the above list of courses,* implement their own application of knowledge product, or choose from one of the following products:

A. Practitioner-Focused Research Paper

B. National Board Portfolio Draft (option not currently available)


*Course projects completed prior to Autumn Quarter 2014 must be reviewed and approved by a faculty advisor for academic rigor and depth.