All graduates of the University of Washington Bothell Master of Education Program are challenged to think deeply and critically about the complex nature of education. The program encourages students to be thoughtful, innovative, and ethical as they research questions central to their professional growth. Throughout the program students interact and collaborate with peers and colleagues from across the region, receiving further stimulation, inspiration, and support as they study and learn together.

The UW Bothell Master of Education Program consists of three major components:

Core Courses

Students are introduced to the Master of Education Program with a series of three Core Courses (B EDUC 501, 502, and 504) in which they explore issues related to educational inquiry, professional leadership, processes of change, and understanding of self as teacher. Students engage in projects that help them reflect upon their own personal and professional growth. Students in the Individually Defined Pathway, must take all three core courses prior to the completion of 18 credits in the program.

Individually Defined or Program Pathways

Individually Defined Pathway

In consultation with their advisors, students in this pathway develop an Individually Defined Program of Study. Students in the Individually Defined pathway must complete a minimum of 46 credits (including the core classes and their application of knowledge product) in order to graduate from the program. At least 18 credits must have been graded numerically and students must receive a grade of 2.7 or better in order to count the courses toward their degree.

Students can select courses from those listed in the Master of Education curriculum, courses outside of Education, and courses at other UW campuses. A maximum of 12 credits of graduate level coursework at the University of Washington Seattle or Tacoma may be taken by students with an advisor’s permission.  Courses numbered 400 and above and offered through the School of Educational Studies can count toward the 46 credit total, but at least 18 credits must be taken at the 500 level or above.

Program Pathways

Students in the M.Ed. Program may be pursuing specific Program Pathways in conjunction with their Master of Education degree. These Pathways will determine the courses they will complete during the course of the program and may affect the options available within the Completion Dossier. Some Pathways will include additional program requirements that are detailed in the linked web pages.

The Program Pathways are: