English Language Learners (ELL) Endorsement

English Language Learners (ELL) Program
with Endorsement option

A high quality, academically rigorous ELL program conveniently located at UW Bothell. More than just tips and tricks in the classroom, the UW Bothell English Language Learners (ELL) program provides you with an opportunity to understand the students in your classroom who come from homes where English is not the primary language.

8.5% of the students in Washington State schools are English Language Learners* and in some schools that number is 25% or more. While those students might spend 2-3 years in a transitional bilingual program, they are also in your classroom. The ELL program at UW Bothell will offer you the opportunity to analyze student work, identity student needs and use this information in future planning and instruction. All field components of the program may be completed in your own classroom** and you will have an opportunity to document the positive impact on your students’ learning.


B EDUC 540 Principles of Inclusion: Students and Families (5 cr)
Focuses on issues, principles, practices, and legal responsibilities to student identified for special education and English language learners. Specific attention is given to culturally-and developmentally-aware policies and practices inclusive of students and their families.

B EDUC 541 Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual Education, and the Structure of English (5 cr)
Topics include research, practice, and connections between language, literacy, cultural traditions, identity and education in preparation for teaching ELLs in general education or classes specifically for ELLs.

B EDUC 542 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in ELL and TESOL (5 cr)
(Prerequisites: 540 and 541, or instructor permission)
Develop curriculum, instruction, and assessment based on theories of teaching and learning specific to English language learners. Includes how ELL centered curriculum can be incorporated in the general education classroom through specific subject areas and in classes designed specifically for ELLs.

B EDUC 543 Practicum in ELL or TESOL (3 cr)
(Prerequisite: 542)
Students demonstrate knowledge of ELL practices and theories in a K-12 classroom setting that includes students demonstrating a range of ELL levels.

B EDUC 544 Leadership and Program Level Assessment in ELL and TESOL (5 cr)
(Prerequisites: 540 and 541)
Presents the historical and political context of bilingual education in the U.S., legal issues relevant to educating English language learners, professional leadership, and assessment of ELL Program quality.

All courses and aligned with the Washington State ELL Endorsement Core Competencies and delve beyond the State ELL requirements to the issues and opportunities of working with students with limited English language proficiency.

The program began with the creation of guiding principles for working with ELL students developed by a team of faculty and staff at UW Bothell.  All educators will benefit from the program curriculum; however, certified Washington State teachers in any endorsement area may earn an ELL endorsement upon successful completion of all the coursework.

Washington State Certified teachers who want to explore the option of earning an ELL endorsement at UW Bothell with a Master of Education degree or independent of a degree program, contact the Education Program office:  educationprogram@uwb.edu, or request a program advisor contact you by completing this form.


*OSPI report to the legislature (Dec. 2012) “Education English Language Learners in Washington 2011-2012”
**Working, certified teachers, with ELL students in their classroom and a certified ELL teacher onsite who can mentor the candidate, may complete the Practicum requirements at their worksite.

Washington State Certified teachers who complete the entire curriculum are eligible to add the ELL endorsement to their existing certification.

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