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University of Washington Graduate School Online Application

Your application materials including college transcripts can be submitted directly online to your UW Graduate School Application file.

  • Submit materials instantly
  • Upload documents in Word, PDF, or RTF formats
  • Track your application materials online so you will always know what has been received by the program

When applying online, read and follow all instructions carefully.

Application Materials 

  • University of Washington Graduate School Application (Online)

    • Made online at
    • When you are prompted to "select a graduate program", be sure to select "Education-Bothell Campus" from the drop down menu (V-BEDUC). The online-fee is $85 payable by credit or debit card.
  • Admission Essay (Online) 

    • Approximately 4-5 pages, 1200 words, double spaced.  This can be uploaded as a Word, PDF, or RTF document.  Please address each of the following questions:

              1.  Explain your idea of what a professional educator does.

              2.  What leadership have you exercised at any level that increased the                       educational equity for children?

              3.  What do you expect to contribute to the profession as an educator?                    What will you need to learn to facilitate that contribution?

  • Current Resume (Online) 

    • This can be uploaded as a Word, PDF, or RTF document.
  • Two Recommendations (Online)

    • You are encouraged to utilize the Graduate School Application web site in order to have your recommendations submitted electronically. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.
    • Recommendations may also be submitted using the recommendation form (PDF)  available on this web site. This form must be printed out and signed by the recommender prior to submission.
  • Academic Transcripts (Online) 

    • Scanned or electronic versions of all of your college and university transcripts (except those from University of Washington institutions) must be uploaded to your MyGrad Application.  
    • Once you have been admitted to the University of Washington Graduate School, you must send official transcript(s) reflecting your undergraduate degree completion to University of Washington Bothell Education Program and University of Washington Graduate School. Instructions will be included in your letter of admission.



If you have questions about completing the application, please contact Jody Ellinger, M.Ed. Recruiter/Advisor at

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