Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering, also known as Marine Engineering, is a multidisciplinary field aimed at solving engineering problems in an ocean environment. It involves studies of vessels, offshore structures, ocean energy, and ocean technologies including submarines, tankers, boats, oil rigs, underwater robots and acoustic sonar. We offer special expertise in underwater acoustics, underwater vehicles, marine mammal bio-acoustics, underwater robots, and marine renewable energy. UWB offers education activities in Ocean Engineering to prepare students for careers in local marine companies as well as national and international communities.

Studying the Impact of Ocean Noise on
Marine Life (PI: Shima Abadi)

Marine animals use sound for communication, navigation, avoiding predators, and finding food under water. This research focuses on the analysis of long-term data sets collected all over the world to study the impact of ocean noise (specifically, oil and gas exploration) on marine life.

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