Program Structure

BSME Major Requirements

The BSME major is a broad degree, striving to cultivate in students a technical mastery, awareness and understanding of diverse and global contexts, and the capacity to apply engineering know-how in sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible ways.

A total of 180‐quarter credits are required to complete the BSME program. All major requirements and prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. Regardless of the number of mechanical engineering courses taken at another institution, at least 45 of the last 60 credits must be taken in residence at UW Bothell.

Prerequisites may be met through coursework at UW Bothell, another four‐year institution, or a community college and must be completed before the application deadline. The Mechanical Engineering major is competitive and completion of the prerequisite courses does not guarantee admission.

Courses Credits
Core (60 credits)
  • B ENGR 310 (5) Computation Physical Modeling (Matlab & Linear Algebra)
  • B ENGR 320 (5) Fund. of Material Science
  • *B ME 221 (4) Fund. Of Solid Mechanics I: (Statics)
  • *B ME 222 (5) Fund. Of Solid Mechanics II: Deformable Bodies (Mechanics of Materials)
  • *B ME 223 (5) Fund. Of Solid Mechanics III: Accelerating Bodies (Dynamics)
  • B ME 315 (5) Intro to 3D Modeling, Design and Analysis (Computer Aided Design-CAD)
  • B ME 331 (5) Thermal Fluids I: (Thermodynamics, Power Cycles)
  • B ME 332 (5) Thermal Fluids II: (Fluid Mechanics, Flow types, Convection)
  • B ME 333 (5) Thermal Fluids III: (Heat Transfer, Heat Exchangers, Refrigeration, Design)
  • B ME 341 (5) Mechanical Systems Design I (Machine Components)
  • B ME 342 (5) Mechanical Systems Design II (Materials & Selection, Fracture, Design Applications)
  • B ME 343 (5) Mechanical Systems Design III (Vibrations, System Dynamics)
  • B ME 410 (5) Electric Power and Machinery (Circuits, Motors, Generators)
  • B ME 481 (5) Engineering Professional Development I: The Citizen Engineer (Ethics, Global Issues)
  • B ME 482 (5) Professional Engineer (Engineering Economics, Fund. of Engineering Exam Review)
  • B EE 371 (5) The Business of Technology (ME Capstone Preparatory Course)
  • B ME 495 (2) Capstone Project in ME I
  • B ME 496 (3) Capstone Project in ME II
  • ST MATH 390 (5) Probability and Statistics for Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Electives (16 credits, 4 classes that are each 4 credits)
  • 4 classes from the Mechanical Engineering Elective list
  • *ST MATH 124 (5) Calculus I
  • *ST MATH 125 (5) Calculus II
  • *ST MATH 126 (5) Calculus III
  • ST MATH 307 (5) Intro to Differential Equations (recommended to have prior to starting program)
  • ST MATH 324 (5) Multivariable Calculus (recommended to have prior to starting program)
  • *B CHEM 143/144 (6) General Chemistry I
  • B CHEM 153/154 (6) or B BIO 180 (5)
  • *B PHYS 121 (5) Mechanics
  • *B PHYS 122 (5) Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion
  • B PHYS 123 (5) Waves (recommended to have prior to starting program)
  • B ARTS 121 or 131 (5) Intro to Drawing or Intro to Arts Practice
Additional UW Bothell and/or transfer credits to fulfill general education requirements and complete a total of 180 credits
  • Any I&S (5) Recommended to have prior to starting program
  • Any VLPA (5) Recommended to have prior to starting program
*Program prerequisites

Did You Know?

Fifty-one percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in their families to attend college.