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ME Curriculum Admission Prerequisites

Students must complete all of the following coursework prior to admission to the BSME program. A grade of 2.0 or equivalent is required in all courses applied to the BSME degree. Admission will be competitive. 

UW Bothell and UW Seattle course equivalents are shown.

Mathematics Prerequisites

  • B CUSP 124 or MATH 124 - Calculus I
  • B CUSP 125 or MATH 125 - Calculus II
  • B CUSP 126 or MATH 126 - Calculus III

Science Prerequisites

  • B CHEM 142 or B CHEM 143/144 or CHEM 142 - General Chem with Lab
  • B PHYS 121 or PHYS 121 - Mechanics
  • B PHYS 122 or PHYS 122 - Electromagnetism & Oscillatory Motion

Engineering Fundamentals Prerequisites

  • B ME 221 or AA 210 - Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics I
  • B ME 222* or CEE 220 - Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics II
  • B ME 223* or ME 230 - Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics III

Additional University Requirements

  • B CUSP 134 or 135 or ENGL 131 - Composition

*In progress at time of application ok

Did You Know?

The School of STEM will offer four new degrees in 2014.