Zebrick Roach has extensive experience in product development from his work at Phillips, Synapse, Quantus, and Tactile spanning over 12 years in mechanical engineering design. Mr Roach is currently a senior mechanical engineer working at Tactile, a local design consultancy. His education includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UW Seattle. Zebrick has participated on 2 medical related patents, a carrying case for a defibrillator and accessories, and a pinch case for defibrillator pads. When he’s not designing new products, Zebrick has made time to have a family with two children, pursued mountaineering, and has been able to travel throughout Europe, Asia, and S. America for both work and leisure. In contrast to a lack of interest during high school, Zebrick found a drive to succeed in college from the engineering curriculum and expects to be managing a team of design engineers working on attractive and interesting projects in the near future.

Zebrick plans to share his experience gained from a wide variety of companies and fields of engineering. As many of our students begin the search for our first engineering job, Zebrick will discuss advantages and disadvantages associated with choosing a specific field or company.

This Event will be held at UW Bothell's Makerspace in Discovery Hall at 4:30 pm on Monday, March 7th.