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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Students are eligible to apply to the BSME degree program after completing successfully a specific set of prerequisite courses. A grade of 2.0 or equivalent is required in all courses applied to the BSME degree.

UW Bothell and UW Seattle course equivalents are shown.

  • B WRIT 134 Interdisciplinary Writing
  • ST MATH 124 Calculus I (UWS: MATH 124)
  • ST MATH 125 Calculus II (UWS: MATH 125)
  • ST MATH 126 Calculus III (UWS: MATH 126)
  • ST MATH 307 Differential Equations (UWS: MATH 307)*
  • ST MATH 324 Multivariable Calculus (UWS: MATH 324)*
  • B PHYS 121 Physics - Mechanics (UWS: PHYS 121)
  • B PHYS 122 Physics - Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion (UWS: PHYS 122)
  • B CHEM 143/4 General Chemistry I/Lab 1 (UWS: CHEM 142)
  • B ME 221 Statics (UWS: AA210)
  • B ME 222 Mechanics of Materials (UWS: CEE 220)
  • B ME 223 Dynamics (UWS: ME 230)

*New prerequisites required for Autumn 2017

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