Joe was interviewed by Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Director, UWB School of Business in July 2010.


Sandeep: What do you do now?

Joe: I have been the Director of Supply Chain for Philips Healthcare - Seattle since 2007. Our business is focused on portable defibrillation products. As a standalone business unit, I have responsibility for Industrial Operations (Factory) and the Supply Chain. Our team is about 140 strong and I have eight direct reports.
My aspirations are to practice my craft (for Philips) in a different locale with different products and customers. In the near term, I am extremely lucky to be part of such a unique and exciting team. Supply Chain complexities are dynamic and there are no idle moments providing a great combination of challenge and command.

Sandeep: What did you get most out of your MBA education?

Joe: One key takeaway is the power of critical thinking in problem solving. When forty people in the class are all engaged in critical thinking, the variety of problem solving skills one can develop by listening and interacting is remarkable.
I like to think that I honed my critical thinking abilities with the generous help of my classmates and faculty to help me develop the organizations that I am a part of. For me, it is the organization that matters most. The people, how I interact, how they respond, how we prepare, and how well we do can all be traced back to my experience at UW Bothell.

Sandeep: Why is the UW Bothell MBA special?

Joe: The intimacy and camaraderie developed, in my travels, is unique to the site and to the program. I have had a continuous informal relationship with the UW Bothell and some of the faculty as well as interaction with classmates on a continuum.

Sandeep: What do you remember from your MBA courses?

Joe: For me, it is simple. I found the group of people that made up the faculty to be as passionate as any group in any endeavor that I have experienced. That passion was contagious.

Sandeep: What is the biggest challenge you faced after graduation? How did you deal with it?

Joe: How would I fill my time on Monday and Wednesday evenings and most weekends! Seriously though, the challenge of building on the current techniques and practices taken from the UW Bothell is what is paramount and requires a concerted effort.

Sandeep: What advice do you have for future MBA students?

Joe: A well-rounded, difficult to attain, MBA from an outstanding institution like the UW-Bothell is only a starting point, not an end point. Customize the tool set derived through the MBA experience and leverage those tools to help you become a better problem solver. And always look to add to the tool set. Work to stay current.

Sandeep: Thanks, Joe. Best of luck to you.


Did You Know?

Forty-nine percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in their families to attend college.