Master of Business Administration

MBA Application - GMAT

Scheduling: Schedule an appointment for the GMAT by clicking here.

Planning: Plan your test date at least six to eight weeks in advance because of the heavy demand for test appointments.

Validity: GMAT (and GRE) Scores are effective for five years from the date of the test. If you took the GMAT more than five years ago, you must retake the exam. If you have taken the GMAT (or GRE) more than once, we will consider only your highest score. The University of Washington will keep these scores on file for one year.

Locations: The GMAT test may be taken at the following regional locations: Seattle (Northgate), Renton, Victoria BC, Yakima, Vancouver BC and Spokane. If you have disabilities, special accommodations may be available – please consult the GMAC Website for more information.

Prep: To prepare for the GMAT, use the tutorials at the GMAC site or GMAT prep books that you will find in bookstores. In addition, GMAT prep classes are offered by organizations such as Princeton Review and Kaplan. UWB has no affiliation with any of these providers.

Reporting: The official GMAT scores must be received directly by the UWB MBA
Program from GMAC before your application for admission can be processed. Before you begin the GMAT, select "UW Bothell Part-time Evening MBA Program" (school code, Q33-NZ-47) to have your official scores sent directly to UW Bothell.

You can “Self-report GMAT scores” on your application if you have them available with you from an earlier test date.

If you take the GMAT exam near the application deadline, please send us the unofficial verbal and quantitative scores provided to you immediately after completing the test; the writing score will reach us with your official results in about one week after the test. However, please note that we will still need the official GMAT scores.