Application Deadlines

All Potential 2015 Applicants 

"How to apply" instructions are here.

We are currently accepting MBA applications for Spring, Summer, or Autumn Quarters.  Applicants who wish to complete one or more elective courses prior to the start of the Autumn cohort* in September may apply now for either Spring Quarter (begins March 30, 2015) or Summer Quarter (begins June 23, 2015 or July 24, 2015). 



  • Start Spring  Quarter, 2015:  application deadline - Jan 10
  • Start Summer Quarter, 2015:  application deadline - Feb 10
  • Start Fall Quarter, 2015
    • Early Round 1 deadline:  February 10
    • International applicants:  March 31; program begins Fall Quarter only
    • Annual Round 2 deadline:  April 16
* The UW Bothell MBA Programs are designed as modified cohort programs to provide for more interactive, dynamic learning experiences. A cohort is a group of people banded together for a common purpose. Our cohort model allows for learning to transcend course material through the shared, dynamic experiences of an interactive professional community of students. The MBA cohort experience begins each September and continues during Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. Some students may apply to enter prior to Autumn Quarter, and these Spring and Summer new students will take electives along with other graduate students before entering their cohort experience in September.

Each MBA Program consists of 72 credits: 52 required credits and 20 elective credits. Most courses are 4 credits. Students may pursue elective credits through most quarters of the program.

Learn More at an Information Session

To learn more or to discuss next steps or timing, you may attend an MBA Information Session or contact Vicki Tolbert, MBA Admissions Advisor, at 425-352-3277 or

International Applicants

International applications requested by March 31, 2015; program begins Fall Quarter only

Please note the special application instructions for international applicants here. Additional application time is required for applicants applying from outside the US and seeking a student visa. International applications are requested by March 31, 2015. After this deadline, contact Kathryn Chester, MBA Admissions Coordinator, 425-352-3275 before submitting your application.

Current U.S. Applicants

If you have already applied and have questions about the processing of your MBA application, please contact Kathryn Chester, MBA Admissions Coordinator, 425-352-3275,

Apply for MBA


  • Spring  Quarter - Jan 10
  • Summer Quarter - Feb 10
  • Fall Quarter, Round 1:  February 10
  • Fall Quarter, International applicants:  March 31
  • Fall Quarter, Round 2:  April 16