Step 1

Create a Profile & Complete Application

  1. Create a New Applicant Profile at the University of Washington Graduate School application website.
  2. Select the Graduate application type and then choose one of the UW Bothell Programs:
    • Business Administration – Bothell Business – Leadership MBA – Bellevue
    • Business Administration – Bothell Business – Technology MBA – Bothell
  3. Complete the rest of the New Application, including the UWB School of Business MBA Program Application Form.

Step 2

Provide Supporting Documentation

  1. Upload your resume and your application essays at the application website
  2. Arrange for the letters of recommendation to be sent to UWB.

Step 3

Send your GMAT or GRE Scores to UW Bothell
GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE scores are required for admission.

  1. If you have not taken the GMAT or GRE, please schedule an appointment by clicking here.
  2. If you have recent GMAT scores, please contact the GMAT testing service and request that they be sent to UW Bothell. 
  3. If you have recent GRE scores, please order an additional score report from GRE and have it sent to UW Bothell.

Step 4

Login to the UW Graduate School Application website to confirm receipt of your application materials. All required materials must be received before your application will be reviewed. You may be contacted by the UWB MBA Program Office requesting additional material as needed.

Step 5

Admission Interviews & Decisions
The MBA Admissions Committee will review completed applications within three weeks of each application deadline and invite selected students for interviews. Admission decisions will be communicated within three weeks of the interviews.