Whom We Serve


How does MATCH decide who to coach?

The University of Washington Bothell MATCH serves first generation and/or low-income students who are college bound.

Historically, members of these groups have, for a variety of reasons, been unable to access higher education. MATCH seeks to help improve the lack of access to higher education through focused outreach that helps such students take advantage of a wide range of educational opportunities.

First Generation Students:


First generation students include families without a family tradition of higher education. By definition, first generation students are defined as those students who have not had any family graduate from a state or community level college. First generation students often have little or no awareness of what educational opportunities are available and often do understand the value of higher education.



Low-Income Families:

DSCN2883.JPGDifficult economic circumstances can prevent even families with some history of higher education from pursuing an education for themselves or their children. Education is often secondary to more immediate concerns for many low-income families.


Other Obstacles:


Challenging financial circumstances usually generate additional hardships. Economic problems and other difficulties limit the time and resources available for pursuit of educational opportunities. Such difficulties can prevent students from even attempting to pursue higher education.