Downloading and Installing the Tegrity Recorder

An ePodium is Ready to Record your Lecture

There is no need to install the Tegrity Recorder when recording from an ePodium as all UW Bothell classrooms with an ePodium already have the Tegrity recording software installed. Please note while recording from an ePodium:

  • All UW Bothell classroom ePodia have webcams which you can use to record your voice and image or just simply your voice.
  • When using the ePodium, faculty must use their personal UW Bothell login (rather than the generic login) on the ePodium PC.
  • Remember to log out of the ePodium PC. Once you have finished your recording, Tegrity will do the rest of the work and upload it.

Downloading and Installing the Recorder on your Office Computer (Faculty & Staff)

If you have administrative access to your office computer, you can follow the directions for basic Mac or PC downloading and installing to get the Tegrity Recorder on your computer.

If you do not have administrative access to your office computer, please fill out a Software Request Form, and Information Technologies will install the software for you.

For Use on a Home Computer

Here are the directions for downloading and installing the Tegrity Recorder on your personal computer.