Search Recording Content

Panopto provides a search function in recordings that will allow you to search through the contents, notes, bookmarks, and captions associated with the video. The notes that the search function matches to your keyword(s) can be from anyone. Notes not made by you will have the NetID of the creator next to them.

Note: Only videos created with the Panopto PowerPoint recorder will have a Contents section that can be searched, but you can still search Notes, Captions, and Bookmarks.

  • To use the search function in a recording, go to the course folder the recording is located in and click on it
  • On the new page that opens, click on Search this recording and type in the keyword(s) you are interested in searching for

Panopto video search text box

  • In the case of larger format videos the search box may be compressed, clicking on the magnifying glass, or the space next to it, will expand it and allow for searching

Panopto compressed search box

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