• To share a folder in Panopto, navigate to the folder you want to share.
  • Next, click on the icon that looks like two people.

Panopto folder share icon

  • This will bring up a new window that will show you who the folder is currently shared with, as well as options for sharing it with additional people.

Panopto folder sharing window

  • Anyone on the internet will allow anyone who visits the site to see the folder. 
  • Anyone who can sing in to this site will only allow those with a UWNetID to view the folder
  • To add a specific person, click on the text box near the bottom and type in their NetID

Panopto sharing using NetID example

  • Click on the appropriate name that appears in the drop down menu
  • Once you are done adding users to share the folder with, make sure to select whether they are a Viewer or a Creator from the drop down menu to the right before finally clicking Share

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