Create New Recording Tab


  1. Recording and settings tabs. Allows you to cycle through creating new recordings, the status of your recordings, and the settings of Panopto.
  2. Start recording, name your recording session, and the folder to put the recording in.
  3. Identify primary sources for video and audio, as well as secondary capture sources, which include your PowerPoint presentation, primary screen, or any additional sources.
  4. Preview screen showing what monitor and PowerPoint looks like during recording. Also provides advanced features at the bottom, including resolution, bit rate, and frame rate.

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Manage Recordings Tab


  • Offline Recordings
    This is where recordings will be saved when created in offline mode. Clicking on Upload to Server will prompt you to select a folder to save the session to before uploading the recording.
  • Currently Uploading Recordings
    Any recordings that are in the process of being uploaded will be listed here and will display their progress as well as give you the option to pause or cancle the upload.
  • Uploaded Recordings
    This section will list off recordings that have previously been uploaded but still have files stored on the hard drive. By clicking Set Offline you will be able to upload the file again incase there was an issue with the original upload. You can also delete the locally stored files to free up space on your hard drive.

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Settings Tab

Basic Settings


  • Turning off automatic uploading will still save your recordings locally so you will need to manually upload them by going to the Manage Recordings tab.
  • Minimize when recording is an option that will minimize the Panopto recorder as soon as you start your recording.
  • Notify me when a viewer asks a question is on by default and will give a notification when you are doing a webcast and a viewer posts a message.
  • Disable hot keys will allow you to use the hot keys during a recording without interrupting the session. The hot keys are F8 (start recording), F9 (pause recording), and F10 (stop recording).

Advanced Settings



  • Enable video capture device property pages will allow you change the settings of your camera from inside Panopto.
  • Always capture PowerPoint as screen image - by default Panopto will record PowerPoint sessions as a PowerPoint slideshow, which can cause some issues with custom fonts and transitions. By enabling this setting, PowerPoint sessions will instead be recorded as a screen image preventing any possible issues.

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