Recording with Panopto

Every UW Bothell classroom is equipped with an ePodium containing all hardware and software necessary for recording your lecture using Panopto. The following tutorial will provide you with directions and best practices for recording Panopto videos on campus or at home. If you need to install the Panopto software please visit: Downloading and Installing the Panopto Recorder

Note for Students: You can find computers in the Open Learning Lab, UW2-140, that have the Panopto recorder software installed on them.

  • First open Panopto from the Start Menu or desktop, once the window opens you will be prompted to log in. Click on the Log in with UW Panopto button, then log in as you normally would using your NetID.
  • Next click on the down arrow, on the right right of the window, to bring up the folder selection.

  • Next, select the folder you wish to save the recording to and click Add New Session

Add New Session button

  • Once the folder has been selected, click on the up arrow to go back to the recording options. Then give the recording a name, or keep it as the date and time.
  • Check to see if the audio is working by making sure the indicator next to the microphone icon is moving when you speak, and adjust the level if necessary.

  • Now choose between Capture PowerPoint and Capture Primary Screen.
    • When using Capture PowerPoint only a PowerPoint presentation will be recorded. If you leave the presentation mode the slide you were previously on will continue to be recorded until you end the recorded or start a new presentation. This can be used to use PowerPoint's presentation mode to view notes while only recording the slideshow
    • Capture Primary Screen acts as a normal screen capture and will record anything that happens on the screen.
    • Note: We recommend using Capture Primary Screen when recording lectures.
  • Once you are done selecting the options click Record to begin the session.

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