Working with Panopto in Canvas

Enable Panopto in Canvas

  • Log-in to
  • Sign-in with your NetID if prompted.


  • Select the course where you would like to record Panopto videos from the Courses Dashboard.


  • Click on the Settings menu located on the bottom right side of the page.


  • Click on the Navigation tab.


  • On the bottom of the screen you will see the “Panopto Recordings” option grayed out. Click and drag Panopto Recordings into the upper course navigation section or click on the settings (gear) icon and select Enable.


  • Click on the Save button.

Save button

Note: At this point Panopto will now create a folder for your course at – for a better Panopto experience it is recommended you continue using Panopto through Canvas.

  • Panopto is now enabled in your Canvas course! To access Panopto, click the Panopto Recordings on the course navigation menu.


Panopto recordings screen