Editing A Panopto Recording

If you are busy recording a lecture and suddenly encounter a problem, distraction, or mistake, don't panic! By using the Panopto Editor, you can modify your recording after you have recorded it.



Getting to Editing View

Editing interface on web browser

On the Panopto site:

  1. Locate the video you wish to edit
  2. Hover over the video, then click Edit
  3. This will redirect you to the Panopto editor

On the Panopto Recorder:

  1. Click on the Recording Status tab on the top of Panopto Recorder
  2. Locate the "Status/Link" column
  3. Click Edit
  4. This will redirect you to the Panopto editor


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Cutting Sections Out of a Recording

Timeline editor

Cutting out beginning & end sections:

  1. Locate the Cut tool icon tool at the beginning or end of the timeline
  2. Click and drag the tool to where you want your recording to start or finish
  3. A gray area will appear, indicating you successfully cut your section

Cutting out middle sections:

  1. Locate then click on the scissors tool Scissors tool icon
  2. A black line will appear on the stream (the red line is what's currently being played)
  3. Drag the black line to the start of where you want to cut a section, then click
  4. Locate the end of where you want to cut a section, then click
  5. A gray area will appear indicating your section has been cut
  6. If you need to add sections back to the recording, click and drag the Cut tool tool surrounding the gray area

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Editing Chapter Name (Events) & Keywords

Chapter names, called "events" on Panopto, indicates new sections or transitions during a lecture. Instructors can enter keywords in the event so students can easily search for a specific point in the Panopto recording.

To add an event & keywords:

Edit event properties page

  1. Click on the Events tab on the left-hand menu section
  2. Click Add a new event on the bottom left of the menu
  3. A green highlight will appear on the timeline- this indicates where you can add your event. Note: events can only be added to screen captures and secondary video streams, and not slides
  4. On the timeline, locate where you want to place your event, then click
  5. An "event properties" window will appear. You can edit the time you want your event to start, its title (caption), keywords (searchable metadata) for students to search, and a URL

To edit an event & keywords:

  1. Click on the Events tab on the left-hand menu section
  2. Hover over the event you wish to edit- a green highlight will appear
  3. Click Edit
  4. The event properties window will pop up

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