Instructors may wish to copy a recording from one course to another if they want a lecture to be accessed by multiple courses, or if they simply want to move a lecture. You can do this by logging into Panopto directly or through the Canvas interface.

To copy your recording through Canvas or Panopto follow these steps:

  • Log into Canvas and navigate to your canvas course.
  • Click on the Panopto Recordings link in the sidebar

  • Then in the top right corner click on the Manage Recordings button

  • Click on the course that houses the recording you wish to copy.
  • Find the recording and click on Settings to bring up the settings menu for the recording

Settings button for a recording in Panopto


  • Once the settings menu comes up click on Manage.


  • On the Manage tab there is a Copy Recording section. The text box will allow you to change the name of the copy. Once you have decided upon the name click Copy.


  • After you click Copy you will be prompted on if you are sure you want to copy the recording. Clicking OK will continue the process and you can close the settings window. The recording list will then update to show that the copy is being processed.

Panopto recording copy being processed

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