Free, Online and Open

Many universities now offer free online, or "open", courses. Open courses allow anyone with internet access the ability to access a top-quality education right from home.

Open courses are relatively new, and have just started being offered in the last few years. This page will be updated as new courses are released and examined for quality.

Open Courseware Consortium

A collection of searchable online courses from several institutions around the world including UC Berkeley, University of Notre Dame, MIT, and many other internationally-recognized schools. A great place to start when looking for online courseware.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

A collection of both free and open online courses, as well as academic (for-credit) courses, offered by institutions such as Cal Poly, University of British Columbia, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburg, and many others.

Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE)

A number of courses offered by the engineering department at Stanford University. Students are able to access course materials, take tests and quizzes, and are even able to interact with other engineering students.

Open Yale Courses

A collection of online courses, offered by Yale University. Contains access to video, audio, reading lists, and text transcripts from every class session. Not a huge selection of courses, compared to other institutions, but the quality of the content is excellent.