Documents Overview


Documents is a cloud-based word processing application, similar to Microsoft Word, that allows collaborators to create and edit documents. It offers users a rich-text editor to easily get work done plus multiple options to communicate with collaborators.

Communicating with Documents


When multiple collaborators are present in the document, click on the chat-(1).jpg button on the top right to chat about your work. The chat box will appear at the bottom right of the document. Click on the settings.jpg button to edit notification settings. 


To comment on specific items in a document: highlight the item, right click and press Comment. A comment box will appear on the right side of the page. Collaborators can then reply to a comment, edit their own comments, or resolve a comment. 



Send Email

Another way to communicate to collaborators, though not directly on the document, is to send them an email. Do this by going to File > Email Collaborators. This is a convienent way to send reminders to collaborators who do not check the document often.