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Blogger is a web log publishing service that allows users, or multi-users, to create blogs.

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 Key Features

  • Free blog hosting
    Blogger is free and only requires a Gmail/Google account to start.
  • Customizable design
    The design of your blog is flexible. Blogger offers pre-designed templates, a template designer tool, and allows users to create their own customized templates using HTML and CSS.
  • Blog subscriptions
    Readers can subscribe to a blog using the Follow gadget or RSS feed. Students may want to subscribe and get regular updates from a class blog, for example.
  • Google+ Integration
    Since acquired by Google, Blogger is now integrated with Google and its suite of applications. You can easily access Blogger with your Google+ account, and there are many benefits, such as increased photo size limitations, that come with using a Google+ account.

Faculty Uses

  • Use the blog to post course documents after every class. For example, class notes, PowerPoint presentations, syllabi, videos, and any other relevant information pertaining to the course. Not only will this be a great archive for the course, but students who miss a class will be able to look back on the day's post and have everything they need to catch up.
  • Use the blog as a platform to curate/showcase student projects (with permission).
  • Start a private blog and update it regularly with class events and reflections on progress in the course. Reflect on what went well during class and what could be improved.
  • Use a blog to discuss teaching methods, tools and practices. Connect with other educational professionals and institutions through the blog.
  • Use Blogger to help students understand the basics of code and web design through the blog's HTML/CSS editor.

Student Uses

  • Update your blog with finished class assignments and projects. Use it as a tool to keep track of and share your work.
  • Keep a blog to regularly reflect on your learning. A blog is a great artifact to look back on after or at the end of your academic career.
  • Use a blog to share an experience related to your academic career-- for example, an internship or study abroad.