PowerPoint Polling

Slide Preferences

Slide preferences help you to customize and tailor each of your question slides to fit your specific course(s). By default, slide preferences are found on the right side of the slide and have the following options to customize:

  • Question Options
    • Allow students to respond anonymously
    • Change bullet format (A, B, C, D ... 1, 2, 3, 4 ... etc.)
    • Allow multiple responses from students ("Multiple" or number-specific)
    • Designate specific weights to multiple responses (Priority Ranking slide)
  • Polling Options
    • Automatically open polling once presentation has started (set by default)
    • Show results during or after polling has closed (set by default)
    • First Response Only, when checked, will only accept the person's initial response
  • Scoring Options
    • Assign a Correct and Incorrect Point Value to the question
    • Enable Speed Scoring, which will decrease the amount of points given if the student takes more time to answer the question
    • Input custom point values through Show Advanced Scoring for Correct/Incorrect answers
  • Demographic Options (only for Demographic slide)
    • Assign names for groups
    • Allow slide to be used in team competitions
    • Save groups to Participant List
  • Graph Chart Options (only for Graphs and Charts)
    • Chart colors can be defined in one of three ways:
      • PowerPoint Scheme will automatically define the colors for the presentation
      • Defined will allow you to customize what colors are used for the chart
      • Correct/Incorrect will apply green for correct answers and red for incorrect answers
    • Chart labels can be set as the Answer Text or as Bullets
    • Chart values can be set as a Response Count or as a percentage (0%, 0.0%, 0.00%)