Clickers for Faculty

Importing Sessions

If a clicker session is no showing up in your list in TurningPoint the file may have been saved outside of the usual folder. This tutorial will cover the steps necessary to import the session into TurningPoint.

Importing a Session File Into TurningPoint

  • To import a session into TurningPoint 5 bring up the Manage tab on the TurningPoint dashboard.

  • Next click on Session next to Participant List to bring up a drop down menu and select import.

  • This will bring up a file browser, navigate to where the file is saved and select open.
  • Turning point will then prompt you on whether you would like to move the file to the session folder, or if you would like to leave it where it is.

  • Once you select an option click on OK.
  • TurningPoint will take a moment before finally promping you that the file has been imported.

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