Canvas Integration

Exporting a Session's Results to Canvas

Exporting a session from TurningPoint into Canvas allows you to quickly upload student scores into your Canvas gradebook.

Note: When exporting a session to Canvas, the session name will be used when creating a new column in your gradebook.

This Video tutorial will take you through the process of exporting a clicker session to Canvas. If you prefer, there is a text based tutorial below.


Exporting a Session

  • First, open TurningPoint and click on the Manage tab

  • Next, select the participant list that contains the session you want to export, then click on the Results Manager button in the bottom right of the window

  • From this screen click on Integrations

  • Then connect to Canvas as you would when importing a participant list, by selecting Canvas and connecting to

  • In this window select Export Session(s), which will display a list of possible sessions to export. Additionally there will three other choices to include:
    • Total Performance - This will include student's combined grade across every session.
    • Total Attendance - This will combine the attendance grades for each session into a single grade. Note: there currently isn't a way to export single session attendance grades to Canvas.
    • Total Points - This is a combination of both total performance and total attendance.
  • Once you have selected the columns that you wish to add to the gradebook, click Export.