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Classroom Response Systems (informally known as "clickers") allow instructors to quickly conduct polling and question-and-answer sessions using PowerPoint or other Office applications. Students submit their responses through small hand-held devices, and the results are displayed immediately. Questions can be developed to guide students through class problems, check their understanding, and collect opinions. Through this type of interaction, instructors can increase participation and more effectively engage their class in discussions, activities, and lectures. Click one of the buttons above to get started.

Three Turning Technologies clickers with small LCD screens



Our clickers use the TurningPoint 5 software which integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint. As a result, creating a clicker interactive presentation is almost as easy as creating a Power Point presentation.

To start making one, please request the software to be installed on your office Windows or Macintosh computer by filling out a Software Request Form. The clickers hardware is not required to create an interactive presentation. TurningPoint has already been installed on every ePodium computer, so an additional software request is not needed for making clicker presentations in the UWB classrooms.

For more information on using TurningPoint or ideas about how to successfully integrate this interactive technology into your classroom, please contact Learning Technologies. In addition, the Turning Technologies website is another good resource and provides a set of manuals and user guides for the TurningPoint software.

Note: To open a clicker presentation, you must first start TurningPoint and select PowerPoint Polling then open the file from within that application. The presentation will not load correctly if you double-click on the presentation file or have PowerPoint running before starting TurningPoint.


Faculty at UWB can contact the UWB IT Helpdesk to reserve a clickers system. When doing so, please include the dates and times for the reservation.

We currently circulate four sets of clickers systems: 3 sets may be checked out for 2 days and 1 set may be checked out for a week. Each set includes 45 clickers and 1 receiver that are configured to work with each other.

When setting up the system in a classroom, the receiver should be plugged into a USB port on the computer tower instead of the monitor in order to work properly.