• Tomorrow's Professor Blog
    A partnership between MIT and Stanford to create a forum for comments and discussion about general issues concerning higher education.
  • EdTechatouille
    EdTechatouille is a popular educational technology dish combining together new tools, spicy perspectives, potent trends and issues all sautéed in pedagogy and simmered in the collective intelligence until served on its own or as an appetizer to a larger discussion.
  • EdTechPost
    Technologies for Learning, Thinking and Collaborating...
  • academHacK
    The goal of this site is to serve as a resource for academics trying to navigate the world of computing and technology by outlining concrete ways in which computers and technology can be used to improve both teaching and scholarship.
  • Online Student Survival Guide
    The Online Student Survival Guide is a program, sponsored by the Western Governors University, that attempts to help out online students by providing tips on adjusting to online learning and staying motivated throughout the courses, while balancing life and school.
  • ClintLalonde.net
    Clint Lalonde is a Distributed Education Web Specialist at Camosun College in Canada. He uses this blog to share his personal opinions on various educational technologies.
  • Edublog Insights
    Anne Davis, an Information Systems Training Specialist, uses this blog as a place to reflect, discuss, and explore possibilities for the use of weblogs in education.
  • The Savvy Technologist
    This blog contains articles and information that are related to various Internet technologies. It is worth checking out if you are a technology coordinator, technology integrationist, instructional media specialist, classroom teacher, or a school administrator.
  • Tech Ruminations
    Random thoughts about teaching and learning with 21st century technology tools.
  • The Ed Techie
    Educational Technology, web 2.0, VLEs, open content, e-learning, plus some personal stuff thrown in.
  • The Open Classroom
    Constructing an identity in the blogosphere while reflecting on learning and teaching and technology...
  • Teaching Generation Z
    A broad range of technology and education related topics are covered in this blog, all with a uniquely Aussie perspective.
  • SocialTech
    A blog that focuses on the social impacts of technologies - the role of technology and the internet in supporting everyday life.
  • Weblogg-ed
    This site is dedicated to discussions and reflections on the use of Weblogs, wikis, RSS, audiocasts and other Read/Write Web related technologies in the K-12 realm, technologies that are transforming classrooms around the world.
  • O Teaching Matters
    This blog is about teaching at a professional art and design college and about how students of this generation learn.