Since online and hybrid learning is relatively new to many students, they must "learn how to learn," in an online or hybrid course. Traditional conventions and rhythms of a course will change in the online and hybrid environment. Therefore, students must be explicitly taught these new conventions from the first week of class.

In addition, students often sign up for these courses with the misconception that the class will require less time than a traditional course. Online and hybrid courses may require more time for student work due to the dynamics of the course and student preparedness. It is important to set expectations and explicitly detail requirements for students from the start.

Below are some suggestions for setting expectations and teaching hybrid course participation:

Calling it out in the syllabus

The first step to setting clear expectations and modeling effective learning strategies is to explain clearly what is required of students in the course syllabus.

Add a section near the beginning of your course syllabus that calls out the fact that the online and hybrid format is different from a traditional course. In this section also call out the common student misconception that the course will take less time.

Hybrid Courses:
For examples of syllabus language and examples of syllabi from actual hybrid courses, take a look at the Create Section in Designing a Hybrid Course.

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