VoiceThread is an educational, online slideshow tool that allows users to create and interact around media in the form of text, video, or audio. Because of the wide variety of features and options, VoiceThread makes learning, discussion and collaboration outside of the classroom easy and accessible.

Uses and Examples

VoiceThreads can be used for many different things. Interesting uses for VoiceThread in the classroom include:

The VoiceThread website holds many examples of different ways to use VoiceThread:

  • For general examples of VoiceThreads, click here.

Additional information:


There website also provides a few tutorials you can use to get started creating a VoiceThread:

Account Options

UW Bothell does not currently have a campus-wide license with VoiceThread. Faculty who are interested in using VoiceThread at this time must set up a personal account.

There are several account options when registering with VoiceThread. Initially, the user is signed up with a free account. However, the free account is limited in certain features such as storage space, phone and video commenting minutes, and the number of VoiceThreads the user is able to create. Users may find that what they want to get out of VoiceThread may require a paid account. 

From a user's free account, there is always the option to upgrade to a Pro Account, a Business Account, or a variety of different Educational Account packages. More information on VoiceThread paid accounts and prices.

Best Practices

Here are some helpful hints for a first time VoiceThread user:

  • Make sure to keep an eye on your account limits. You can review the status of your account by clicking on your email address in the top right corner of the page, then clicking "Account Information". This page will show you where you are in terms of storage and limits, and will also direct you to upgrade options.
  • Phone commenting can be tricky. Using a landline instead of a cell phone will produce a stable connection and better results. Also, remember to speak up, as the phone commenting feature is very quiet.
  • If you plan to have multiple people using the VoiceThread account, take advantage of the identities feature. This feature allows multiple users to be identified by different avatars when they comment on a VoiceThread. More information about the identities feature is available here.


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