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Image Hosting and Sharing Websites

Image hosting websites allow you to upload and share your photos with others on discussion boards, forums, websites, etc. There are many websites to choose from, each with their own benefits and restrictions:

Below is table outlining these websites, in terms of their registration processes, storage sizes, upload size limits, and privacy settings:

Image Sharing Websites grid

(see Notes below for items with *)



  • Unlimited*:
    All images are kept until they have not been viewed for 90 days. After 90 days, the image(s) may be removed
  • Images: (1600x1600*):
    Image files cannot be larger than 1600x1600. If larger, images will be resized to smaller dimensions while keeping aspect ratio.


  • Videos: (500MB or 10 mins*):
    Up to 500MB or 10 minutes per video (with image size restrictions)


  • Yes*:
    Login/registration with Yahoo account required


  • Yes*:
    Integrates with Google account for sharing. Must download Picasa application.
  • 1GB*:
    1GB free storage for photos and videos ($2.49/month for additional storage plans).
  • Images: (2048x2048*):
    (Google+ users): photos up to 2048x2048 and videos up to 15 minutes will not count towards 1GB storage
    (non-Google + users): photos up to 800x800 and videos up to 15 minutes will not count towards 1GB storage