Student Recording in Tegrity

Students are able to record with Tegrity in any classes they are enrolled in. Students can create and upload recordings by following the same steps faculty take:

Installing Tegrity on a Personal Computer

Recording a Session

Differences Between Student and Faculty Recordings

The main difference between student recording and faculty recording is that after a student publishes a recording, it will be housed under a new tab on the course page titled Student Recordings.

Once a recording is published, students can’t delete, edit, or take any other actions to change the recording. They can, however, play the recording with all of the standard features or download the recording for offline playback.

Uses for Student Recordings

There are a number of ways in which students can use their own Tegrity recordings. Examples of this include:

  • Recording oral assignments and projects with Tegrity will allow students to turn them into artifacts, which they may want to store and display in their ePortfolio.
  • Virtual presentation in an online learning environment. Tegrity can allow students in online courses to give presentations to their class directly from any computer with a webcam. Other students and instructors in the course can comment or question during different parts of the presentation as well.
  • Using as a video blog/student reflection space. Students can record themselves voicing their thoughts on the course, to be viewed and commented on by others in the class.

Please note that Tegrity recordings (instructor and student) can only be played through the Tegrity player. Even if a session is downloaded by a member of the course, the recording can only be played through Tegrity and not uploaded for play to sites like YouTube.

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